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Magnetic Bed Pad

Magnetic therapy uses magnets as a substitute treatment for illnesses. People who practice this therapy believe that the body's electromagnetic field needs to be in equilibrium to stay fit, and that the outcome of Magnetic Bed Pads will help achieve that sense of balance.

The most common claim of Magnetic Bed Pad is that it can ease pain and stress, improve circulation, undo degenerative diseases, heal broken bones, and it is said that it can even cure cancer. The claim about the effect of Magnetic Bed Pad is that you will get a deeper, more invigorating night's sleep if you sleep on one.

Although researchers have not yet proved the factual usefulness of magnetic therapy, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does permit the following assertions about Magnetic Bed Pad: it may reduce joint, bone and muscle pain, it improves circulation and it promotes relaxation.

Usually, a Magnetic Bed Pad is 2-4 inches thick with 50 to 200 square or circular magnets sewn into a resistant fabric. A Magnetic Bed Pad may have magnetic disks that are 1 inch in diameter and spaced about 2 ½ inches apart at a depth of 1 inch below the top surface of the pad. The strength of the magnetic field (measured in Gauss) and the material used to grip and bolster the magnets must be noted before buying a Magnetic Bed Pad.

You can purchase Magnetic Bed Pad online such as, Better Health Innovations, Magnetico Sleep Pads, Magnetic Therapy Sales, and Tools for Wellness. Also, national series stores like Sears and Bed, Bath and Beyond also sell Magnetic Bed Pad.

All the stores that sell Magnetic Bed Pad offer you with products that have different features.  The Magnetic Therapy Sales has foam layers (Visco foam) that form the shape of your body to dispense magnetic energy evenly. The Tools for Wellness use the utmost quality ceramic magnets to give you the most soothing sleep experience possible. The Magnetico Sleep Pads has created magnetic fields with the highest power for stress relief and relaxation.

Is Magnetic Bed Pad safe? Yes, it is. Before the Negative pads were made, the companies had first the worrying Positive energy multi-polar Magnetic Bed Pad. Dr. Walter Rawls explained his findings during the International Tesla Conference, and had similar findings with Kulish.

It was found that most people exclaimed the Negative bed pads are great. They indicated great sleep and waking up rested. Then upon further questioning, it was found that the individuals using the pads for a long period of time were also indicating a consistent bit of lethargy during the day. What they remembered about the sleep and rest – simply was reaction of the first week they had the pads – not their continued use.

Both Rawls and Kulish concluded that it was the continuing magnetic effect on the adrenals glands that were taking them into a slowed-down hypo state because it was not supplying the proper amount of adrenaline for the body’s needs. With these useful applications with Magnetic Bed Pad, the Institute suggested to make pads without magnetic fields under the adrenal glands. Also, the Institute’s Senior Medical Officer and a well-known researcher, Dr. Tom Levy, has reported using the very low gauss bed without any sluggish reactions found on the stronger magnetic beds.

It is recommended to consult with a doctor before beginning magnetic therapy. It should not be used on pregnant women, babies, and even small children. Also individuals who have pacemakers, defibrillators or any other electro-medical device should avoid magnetic therapy.