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What is Magnetic Therapy

Who knew that magnets could have the ability to heal? What is magnetic therapy? How does it work? Does it really relieve pain?  There are many questions that often come up about magnetic therapy. To appreciate and better understand this alternative medicine, let us answer some questions about magnetic therapy.

So really, what is magnetic therapy?
Magnetic therapy or magnet therapy or bioenergy therapy is a process that involves the use of magnets placed on the body to relieve pain and treat disease. It is an alternative medicine that makes use of magnetic fields. Practitioners claim that subjecting certain parts of the body to static magnetic fields produced by permanent magnets can improve blood flow, relieve pain, and accelerate healing.

Common magnetic therapy products include: Magnetic bracelets and jewelry; magnetic bed pads; magnetic blankets, socks, and shirts. Other forms of magnetic therapy include: magnetic creams; magnetic supplements; and water “magnetization” devices.

History of magnetic therapy
Magnets used as a source of healing dates back many centuries. Paracelsus, a 16th century physician thought that because magnets attract iron they might attract and eliminate disease from the body. In modern times, magnet therapy believed to have started in the 1970s, when a researcher noticed that positive and negative magnetic charges had different effects on the human body. Magnetic therapy has recently become a large industry in the United States and Europe and has been used widely in Japan and China for many years.

How does magnetic therapy work?
There are claims about magnets being an effective therapy to relieve discomfort. To explain how magnetic therapy works, think of the body as an organism that contains individual “electrical“cells. Each of the cells has a positive charge and a negative charge. When these different chargers are equal, the body is able to function well.

However, when the body is exposed to weather variations, some household devices and various environmental stimuli, the body becomes overwhelmed with positive ions. This creates an imbalance that creates fatigue, tiredness, headaches, muscle pains, and other bodily discomfort.

Magnets can help the body create the balance between these “electrical” charges. Magnetic therapy works by applying magnets either directly to the affected area or as close as possible to the area. Magnetic therapy products can improve blood flow that enables the body to begin the self-healing process which then promotes relief from discomfort and stress.

Does it relive pain?
Although there are anecdotal reports that suggest healing effects of magnetic therapy, available scientific evidence does not support these claims. Magnetic therapy should be studied further. So, one should not expect that magnets can automatically heal when used exclusively for treatment on any major disease or medical condition.

Instead, magnets can be used as an additional therapy. Magnetic therapy may prove to be an effective form of complementary medicine. Magnets can stimulate the body to heal by helping increase circulation, improve energy levels, and provide oxygen to the body cells. Also, the U.S Food and Drug Administration consider magnets harmless.

Magnetic therapy safety and efficacy
Magnetic therapy devices are generally considered safe in themselves. But with any person who has a pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump, or any electro-medical devices, they should not use magnets as it can affect the operation of those devices. Also, for pregnant women, magnets should not be used since it may pose a potential health risk in the fetal development.